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Service Description

A 30 minute recorded video reading answering your questions and any relevant information that comes up revealed to you via a private video link. You may watch and re-watch the video at your leisure, as many times as you'd like. Video Recorded Readings touch on your current real time energies affecting you at this moment, what to expect in love, life, career, family, hopes and dreams and all areas of main focus to help guide you on your journey. You receive a recorded personal private video link where you may watch your answers revealed to you at your leisure! ​ Based on your primary focus, wether it's love, career, family, personal growth, etc., Spiritual clarity that comes through will provide information about you or your person's thoughts, their real feelings for you, if this is worth your time, if you're wasting your time, the next action, what this situation is meant for you on your journey, what you can do about it, the reason for it and anything that you're yearning to know.. This will assist you in knowing if you are on the right path in order to expand on your Universal gifts to fulfill your desires! *Video Recorded readings are not live over video phone, these are recorded video links you may watch at your leisure. (If you prefer Live Readings, please book the Live Phone Readings instead)


*Once you've purchased the reading, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK, download the PDF document with the Questionaire and follow the instructions by replying to with your answers. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.


*Time Zone bookings are all PDT, please adjust to your time zone accordingly. You will receive your Video Link on or before that booked day/time available to watch indefinitely. ​ **All sales are final. NO REFUNDS on any services once purchased. *Disclaimer: All tarot readings and advice arising from use of this site/channel are understood to be for Entertainment Purposes ONLY. You are responsible for your own decisions and your own life. Seek Medical, Financial or Legal advise with other professionals to make personal decisions.


*Once you've purchased the reading, please wait for an email reply from Gena Moon where you will see availability days/times, and fill out the questionnnaire/add your information prior to booking the day and time of your reading. Make sure to CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.


Cancellation Policy

*FOR LIVE OVER THE PHONE READINGS, please make sure your phone number is correct. Also, make sure you adjust the TIME ZONE (PDT) you booked according to your time zone. *FOR RECORDED VIDEO READINGS (not live), you will receive a recorded private video link to the email you provided available to view any time, no time limit, on or before the date you booked. *To cancel or reschedule please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not cancel or postpone 48 hours in advance without notification, you will be charged $150 no show fee. If Gena cannot make the appointment or is unavailable, she will notify you and postpone your appointment for a different date. All sales are final. No refunds on any service, reading or consultation. Thank you.


*Any questions, please email

Gena 30 Minute Video Recorded Reading With Gena

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