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Candle and Berries





 By: Gena Moon 

 What This Candle Magic Manifestation  Master Course Is About? 



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*24 MODULES     


 What You Will Learn In This Master Course 


Module 1: Introduction to Candle Magic

  • Lesson 1: Brief overview

  • Lesson 2: Breakdown of course

  • Lesson 3: Intentions of course


Module 2: Enlightenment

  • Lesson 4: Clearing Candle Magic assumptions

  • Lesson 5: Candle Magic and its influences

  • Lesson 6: Why/How Candle Magic can help you?


Module 3: What is Candle Magic Manifestation?

  • Lesson 7: Why Practice Candle Magic Manifestation?

  • Lesson 8: Who Is It For? 

  • Lesson 9: Benefits of Symbolism and Rituals in Candle Magic


Module 4: History of Candle Magic

  • Lesson 10: Historical and Cultural Significance

  • Lesson 11: Fire and its Significance/Symbolism

  • Lesson 12: Course Application


Module 5: In Depth Course Overview

  • Lesson 13: Theoretical Part of The Course

  • Lesson 14: Practical Hands On Part of The Course

  • Lesson 15: Examples of Course Rituals


Module 6: Candle Preparation

  • Lesson 16: Candle Charging

  • Lesson 17: Connecting Properly Via Energy

  • Lesson 18: What Entity You Are Connecting To?


Module 7: Universal Laws

  • Lesson 19: Universal Laws Overview

  • Lesson 20: Example of The Laws

  • Lesson 21: How Each Law Applies To Candle Magic


Module 8: Manifestation Pyramid

  • Lesson 22: 4 Pillars of The Manifestation Pyramid

  • Lesson 23: Each Pillar Example

  • Lesson 24: Each Pillars Element


Module 9: Setting Intentions & Ethical Practices

  • Lesson 25: The Power of Intent

  • Lesson 26: Ethical Considerations in Candle Magic

  • Lesson 27Clarifying Your Desires 


Module 10: Planetary Rulers And The Days

  • Lesson 28: How Each Planet Rules Each Day of The Week

  • Lesson 29: Energy of Each Day Based On Planetary Rulership

  • Lesson 30: What Types Of Manifestations Benefit Each Day


Module 11: Planetary Hours And The Planets

  • Lesson 31: Using Planetary Hours To Enhance Manifestations

  • Lesson 32: How to Calculate Planetary Hours Via App

  • Lesson 33: Energy of Each Planet and Their Hours 


Module 12: Timing and Moon Phases

  • Lesson 34: Lunar Magic and Timing

  • Lesson 35: Choosing the Right Moon Phase

  • Lesson 36: Manifestations for Each Moon Phase


Module 13: Candle Color Selection and Preparation

  • Lesson 37: Color Correspondences And Meaning

  • Lesson 38: What Each Color Is Good For

  • Lesson 39: Candle Color and Its Feminine Masculine Qualities


Module 14: Candle Shapes

  • Lesson 40: Selecting Proper Candle and Shape

  • Lesson 41: Each Candle Shape Variety

  • Lesson 42: What Various Shapes Are Used For


Module 15: Candle Magic Worksheet

  • Lesson 43: How To Give Your Ritual A Name

  • Lesson 44: How To Fill Out Worksheet Step By Step Ritual 

  • Lesson 45: Loophole To Slow Or Purify Ritual


Module 16: Candle Dressing

  • Lesson 46: Candle Dressing Introduction

  • Lesson 47: Anointing and Dressing Candles

  • Lesson 48: Candle Oils And Properties


Module 17: Candle Dressing (Hands On)

  • Lesson 49: Oil Anointing

  • Lesson 50: Various Modalities of Anointing

  • Lesson 51: Caution and Safety Measures


Module 18: Dressing With Herbs

  • Lesson 52: How To Add Herbs On Candle

  • Lesson 53: Types of Herbs

  • Lesson 54: Herbal Properties and Correspondences


Module 19: Dressing With Intent

  • Lesson 55: Cleansing Tools

  • Lesson 56: Candle Carving and Inscribing

  • Lesson 57: Connecting Intent With Candle


Module 20: Reading Candle Flame

  • Lesson 58: Candle Flame Movement 

  • Lesson 59: Candle Flame Significance

  • Lesson 60: Candle Flame Communication And Timing


Module 21: Practical Hands On Step By Step

  • Lesson 61: Cleanse Candle and Charging

  • Lesson 62: Carving and Annnointing

  • Lesson 63: Reading Candle Flame


Module 22: Designing Your Spell Ritual

  • Lesson 61: Be Clear On Your Goal

  • Lesson 62: Create Your Own Spoken Spell Ritual 

  • Lesson 63: Examples To Design Your Own Spell Ritual


Module 23: Conclusion 

  • Lesson 64: Practicing and Consistency

  • Lesson 65: Probability and Candle Magic Results

  • Lesson 66: The Most Important Ingredient


Module 24: Candle Magic Community

  • Lesson 65: Join The Candle Magic Community

  • Lesson 66: Ask Questions

  • Lesson 67: Meet Classmates Make New Friends

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic, it's the practice of using candles and their flames to focus and direct intentions, energy, and desires toward a specific goal or outcome. Learning candle magic can be important for several reasons:

  • Accessible and Beginner-Friendly: Candle magic is relatively easy to learn and practice, making it accessible to people of various ages, backgrounds, and belief systems. It serves as an entry point for individuals interested in exploring the world of magic and spirituality.Accessible and Beginner-Friendly: Candle magic is relatively easy to learn and practice, making it accessible to people of various ages, backgrounds, and belief systems. It serves as an entry point for individuals interested in exploring the world of magic and spirituality.

  • Visualization and Focus: Candle magic helps develop visualization skills and enhances focus. When performing candle rituals, practitioners concentrate their thoughts and intentions on the flame, creating a clear mental image of their desired outcome. This process enhances the power of intent and the ability to concentrate on goals.

  • Personal Empowerment: Learning candle magic can empower individuals by providing them with a sense of control and agency over their lives. It allows them to actively participate in shaping their reality and manifesting positive changes.

  • Symbolism and Ritual: Candle magic incorporates symbolism and ritual, connecting practitioners to ancient traditions and archetypal energies. The use of specific colors, shapes, and materials in candle magic rituals adds depth and meaning to the practice.

  • Manifestation and Goal Setting: Through candle magic, practitioners set clear intentions and focus on their desires, helping them align their actions with their goals. It encourages mindful and purposeful living.

  • Spiritual Connection: Candle magic can be a way to deepen one's spiritual connection, regardless of religious beliefs. It allows individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and intuition, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe.

"I Found It Difficult To Manifest Until I Learned The Art Of Candles & The Powerful Magic They Hold, Then My Manifestations Began Happening Fast!"  

It's essential to approach candle magic with respect, ethical consideration, and a genuine understanding of the energies involved. Candle magic can be a valuable tool for personal growth and transformation, healing, and expanding your intuition as well as psychic abilities. As you learn to communicate and connect with the candle flame, the candle flame will also start tom communicate with you. Once you learn what the candle is telling you, you'll more easily know when and how your manifestation is progressing. Candle Magic can provide essential information once you learn to tune into its energy. It's a beautiful dance of energy flowing from the candle to you, and it's a fun way to manifest as the various colors, shapes and herbal elements all play a key roll in candle magic manifestation rituals.

Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova

Unlock the mystical world of candle magic and harness the power of intention, energy, and symbolism to manifest your desires. In this master course, you'll learn the ancient art of candle magic, from selecting the right candles to crafting personalized rituals that bring your goals to fruition.

Image by Tina Witherspoon

Self-Paced Learning

This course is self-paced which allows you the freedom to go at your own pace, on your own time and as your schedule allows. You're able to keep track of where you left off and go back whenever you'd like.

PowerPoint Slides

Aside from the PDF course material included, you will also see PowerPoint Slides and Gena on-camera which help you take additional notes throughout the videos for a better understanding of each point made.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion to add to your skills as a spiritual worker. You may also use these skills to offer candle magic manifestation services to your clients to manifest love, money, a new job, a new home, etc.

Hands-On Learning

You will learn a hands-on approach, not just theoretical, and be able to dive in right away using your candles, herbs and oils to dress your candle, anoint it and watch the flame communicate with you as you follow along with the guidance of each step by step approach.

Printable Course Material

Aside fro a hands-on approach, you will use printable PDF material and a worksheet which will guide you as you choose your candle color, get clear on your intention, learn the history, moon cycles, the planetary days and times, and so much more!

Candle Magic Community Access

Instant access to our online Candle Magic Community where you connect with other students, you can post photos, ask questions, share progress, share your manifestation rituals and make new friends!

Expert Guidance

Gena will answer any questions that you have in our Questions portal. So if you go through a module and you need clarity on something, post your question and receive a direct answer explaining in detail.

Life Time Access

You will receive life time access to the course and this includes any updates, or added manuals in the future!







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