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14k  Wish Upon A Star Necklace.


  • Brand Name: Genamoon
  • Fine Metals Type: 14K Gold Plated & Stainless steel
  • Gender: Women
  • Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
  • Chain Type: O-chain
  • Item Type: Necklaces
  • Material: Shell & 100% Genuine Turquoise Stone
  • Shape\pattern: Star
  • Pendant Size: 1.7*1.7cm


14k Wish Upon A Star Necklace looks very beautiful and this is a unique design some small beads are used in this necklace these are Turquoise Stone. And this Turquoise Stone looks very beautiful and has many benefits. Below are the benefits of this stone.




Turquoise is a popular gemstone that has long been prized in many cultures. It’s said to bring luck, peace, and protection, and it’s also one of the birthstones associated with December.


There are numerous benefits to turquoise stones in your home. Turquoise has a strong connection to the throat chakra and helps to enhance communication and expression. It also aligns all of the chakras and is often used for healing purposes. 


Turquoise can also help you become more open to love and forgiveness, and release patterns of self-sabotage. It’s very balancing for the emotions, helping you to feel calmer and at ease. There are no negative effects from turquoise stones.


Turquoise is a master healing stone providing cleansing and healing energies for the entire body. Emotionally it assists you in forgiving yourself and encourages Self Acceptance and inner strength. Turquoise is a Self Confidence building Stone.


It acts to induce wisdom and understanding and to enhance trust & kindness. Turquoise will give you the ability to see all aspects of yourself, giving you inner wisdom and clarity in your mind. 


As the stone of cleansing, turquoise is particularly good for releasing bad habits and negative energy. Turquoise is also a calming stone that can induce internal serenity and lift depleted spirits. 


Not only will turquoise help to flush negative emotions from the mind, but it is also said to support the detoxification of the body. Because it aids tranquility and protection, turquoise is a great stone to accompany meditation.


The turquoise gemstone is associated with wealth and success in Vedic astrology. Astrologers put their faith in the mystical powers of turquoise to offer financial security to an individual who wears it. Wearing a turquoise stone is thought to improve one’s social standing and way of life.


Turquoise is thought to bring peace and tranquillity into one’s life. It is also thought to offer protection from evil spirits and ill premonitions. It is regarded as a stone of harmony and compassion that relieves anxiety, tension, and stress. 


The gem is also said to encourage sensitivity, understanding, and optimistic thinking. Turquoise encourages self-realization and supports original thinking. It inspires romantic love and serves as a symbol of companionship.

14k Wish Upon A Star Necklace

Color: 14k Gold
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