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Highest Grade 925 Sterling Silver

100% Genuine Natural Moonstone

100% Cubic Zirconia Diamonds

ADJUSTABLE RING SIZE can be adjusted approximately 1/2 size up or down

USA Ring Size

⭐️ if we do not have your ring size, you may email us to see if we have it back in stock

Moon 1inch Height, Sun Moonstone 0.5 inches all around

It comes inside its own Gena Moon gift box, info card with special sticker


⭐️Gena Moon Ring⭐️

This hand made ring is the official Gena Moon 🌙 ring everyone has been asking about. It’s truly an exquisite custom made design by Gena Moon herself. After gaining so much popularity and requests, Gena has finally made it available for everyone who appreciates unique, custom made jewelry pieces that embody the beauty and magic of exquisitely crafted gems! In this case, this Sun and Moon ring!


THE SUN ☀️ is made of the highest quality Moonstone, a shimmering gemstone composed of feldspar minerals with an iridescent sheen. This natural Moonstone holds the highest intentions and the highest frequency and vibrations for positivity, resilience, attracting love, health, wealth and infinite abundance! These are the reasons why Gena wears hers all the time! It helps cast off all the negative energy around you and bring your aura into a more relaxing mindset that can vanish the negative thoughts inside your head and let you think and act well in that moment. By chasing-off the negative vibes around you, Moonstone clears your thinking process resulting in more diligent, compassionate, and well-observed decisions.


Moonstone will help you allow in more calming and balancing energies. It is also connected with the lunar mystery and magic which will give you a deeper intuitive source of guidance, a sense of spiritual clarity to guide you towards the right path in your life’s journey. It also brings healing energies of protection, stimulates psychic perception, self love and emotional balance when you wear it.


THE MOON 🌙 is made with 100% Cubic Zirconia diamonds. Cubic Zirconia helps improve focus, increase clarity, release the ego and allow enlightenment. Called "the stone of practicality," it is used for grounding when going through a stressful situation. Cubic zirconia assists in removing illusions and brings in depth of clarity. It is used with the third eye, crown and solar plexus chakras.


THE RING MATERIAL 💍 The ring material is the highest grade “925 Sterling Silver” engraved inside, it is considered a fine metal that provides a great sense and positivity. From ancient times, silver has been seen as an element that can cure and bring positive vibes to an ambiance and a flow of pure energy. Studies have proved that wearing 925 jewelry can boost levels of energy, a sense of balance, and emotional behavior.


Wearing high grade silver along with Moonstone and Cubic Zirconia together can help improve blood circulation. The positively charged silver (ions) help create a conductive field that reflects “bad” electromagnetic energy away from the wearer’s body. Thus stimulating the body’s natural conductivity, and improving blood circulation.


☀️THE SUN AND THE MOON🌙 together symbolize different aspects of human consciousness. The balance of Yin and Yang energies, as both polarities working in synchronization together help stabilize your energy field. The sun and moon are considered the two sides of everything in our earthly existence. There is nothing in this world that cannot be separated into these two principles, they constitute the most basic split of the absolute 'one' or prime energy in the hierarchy of descent into matter. These two half's are two aspects of the 'one' that become distinguishable in the physical existence and are what makes it possible in the first place.The Marriage of Lights or the Alchemical wedding composed of the One active (sun) and the other receptive (moon), the sun and moon are the rulers of the most basic breath and rhythm of life. Exhaling and inhaling energy as reflected in the cyclic movements of every component in biological life and the vibrating fabric of all matter.


"The sun is the father and the moon is the mother "


As you can see, every detail in this ring has been carefully thought out for all its benefits mentioned above. It’s truly magical! Hence why Gena wears it all the time! It can be worn on any finger! Make sure to choose your specified ring size, although the ring is slightly adjustable!


Enjoy the magic this gorgeous piece will bring into your life!! 😍✨


With Soo Much Love, Light & Infinite Blessings!


Gena Moon 🌙

Gena Moon Ring Adjustable

Color: Silver
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