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Beaded Charm Bracelet Women Natural Stone


  • Brand Name: Genamoon
  • Bracelets Type: Charm Bracelets
  • Main Stone: Amethyst, 100% Genuine Natural Amethyst, Red Agate, Tianhe Stone
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Shape\pattern: Round
  • Material: 100% Genuine Natural Amethyst, Red Agate, Tianhe Stone


Beaded Charm Bracelet Women Natural Stone These bracelets are made with Amethyst, Red Agate, and Tianhe Stone. Just as these stones are beautiful to look at, these stones have many benefits. Below are the benefits of these stones.



Amethyst is widely believed to be of great use to those who practice meditation. Aside from its physical healing properties, Its very presence is believed to heal the mind in many cultures around the world, so it has enjoyed incredible popularity with such a broad range of people over the years.


The Amethyst crystal properties are deeply connected to the third eye chakra, the center of spirituality and intuition, and the crown chakra, the chakra that governs our connection to the universe. 


These energy centers can be associated with the color purple, which helps to explain why Amethyst crystal is such a powerful stone to balance, open, and activate the third eye and crown chakras. 


When working with the Amethyst crystal healing properties to bring more peace, relaxation, and spiritual awareness into your life, you’ll begin to understand why Amethyst is one of the most popular and sought-after crystals around the world. 


An essential stone for every crystal lover’s collection, the Amethyst crystal meaning is powerful for a variety of intentions. 


This calming stone allows you to quiet your mind, which can aid in sleep, meditation and generally moving through life from a higher state of being. 


No matter who you are or what your goals are in life, an Amethyst crystal can support you along your life’s journey.




The effect of agate helps against stomach cramps, menstrual cramps and also protects the expectant mother and her child. The agate stone for fighters, he stands for a healthy pregnancy and easy birth. 


Other healing powers relieve eye pain, epilepsy, fever, hearing damage, and alcoholism. In health care, it protects the blood vessels and the cell tissue. Even in the beauty sector, he does not let himself think away. Agate stands for clean and better skin.


Special healing provides the power stone for the reproductive organs and is therefore considered energy-giving for the root chakra. 


Those who want to be protected from evil influences should be carriers of Red agate, as they protect the home from thieves and burglars and generally stand for luck, wealth, and prosperity.


In the realm of the psyche, the healing powers cause just as enormous. So he helps with sleep disorders at night and even brings pleasant dreams. 


His power mitigates even the effects of moonlight. Even the Czarina Catherine the Great recognized the potential of the gemstone, which strengthens self-esteem and restores awareness of one’s own body. 


The energetic soothing effect flows through the agate and relieves fears where they arise. Especially in the area of ​​social anxiety he increases the sensitivity in dealing with people and thus improves the knowledge of human nature. 


Because of this, true friends can be recognized earlier. Separation pain, either through the process of detachment from home or separation from a loved one, becomes a test of severity, and here too the agate protects and strengthens the wearer by willpower. A deep feeling of cautiousness and security arises.


TIANHE STONE: Tianhe Stone can help to develop calm and thoughtful thinking. When you feel confused, overwhelmed, or worried inside, this energy stone can bring strength and add inspiration to people's intellectuality.


Therefore, it can eliminate the discomfort caused by various reasons and balance the spirit and the body.


Tianhe stone, also known as amazonite is said to help rebuild confidence and make a comeback. It can support people who have disappointment in love and through the energy exchange of the Tianhe stone, it can promote fortunate perseverance.


The Tianhe stone can add to people's intellectuality, If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or worried, the energy can help you to develop calm and thoughtful thinking. 


Therefore, eliminating feelings of discomfort for various reasons, balancing mind, body, and spirit. Relating to the throat chakra the Tianhe can benefit communication and is said to help open your heart Charka. 


The Tianhe Crystals are also thought to have tremendous healing abilities, encouraging good luck and fortune and soothing the nervous system. Known to some as the gambler's stone it is associated with money, luck, and overall success.


Amazonite is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls our emotions a great deal, this stone is said to soothe tense and aggravated situations and to enhance love. 


Amazonite is said to bestow truth, honor, and integrity to its wearer. Amazonite is used to treat fatigue, trauma, or anything else that may take energy away from a person. 


Amazonite is said to help with problems with the thyroid glands and also aids in treating alcoholism. It has a gentle healing quality that is useful to nearly everyone in a general manner.

Beaded Charm Bracelet Women Natural Stone

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