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Lucky White Cat's Eye Stones Beaded Bracelets Bracelets


Metals Type: 925 Sterling Silver, Copper

Material: 100% Genuine Natural Cats Eye Stone Shape, Cubic Zirconia Diamonds

Pattern: Variety

Color: Gold/White


WHITE CAT’S EYE: Determination - Strength of mind - Steadfastness - Willpower - Moral courage - Tenacity - Vigor - Resolve - Self-control - Intelligence - Knowledge.


Lucky White Cat's Eye Stones Beaded Bracelets beads are believed to have healing properties that promote well-being and good luck. This good luck stretch bracelet is made from natural cat eye beads.


Embrace the mystical energies and protect yourself with our enchanting Lucky White Cat's Eye Stones Beaded Bracelets. Crafted with 100% Genuine Natural Cats Eye Stones, this bracelet collection offers not only stunning beauty but also powerful protective properties.


Each bracelet features a combination of exquisite 925 Sterling Silver and Copper beads, adorned with delicate Cubic Zirconia Diamonds, providing a touch of elegance to these spiritual accessories.

Very comfortable, Made with durable elastic that slips comfortably over the wrist for on-the-go, all-day wear. Suitable for taking any color clothes, Fits adult wrist.


The bracelet with an elegant atmosphere of pure white, a symbol of pure emotion, is intimate lover's and friend's gifts.


Cats Eye Quartz is believed to help ward off evil and to act as a talisman to protect against unforeseen danger and protection from Psychic attacks. It is also thought to bring wealth and prosperity or to help the wearer regain lost wealth.


In addition, it can bring good judgment, provide deeper understanding, and enhance intuition and powers of concentration.


Cat’s eye gemstone, named after its prominent resemblance with the eyes of a cat, is renowned for its healing powers and the ability to enhance intellect and wisdom in a person.


The intriguing gem has a distinct appearance and metaphysical powers that have fascinated us for time immemorial.


It is the gemstone of Planet Ketu and is believed to eliminate the harmful impact of Rahu and Ketu on our lives.


It helps improve a person’s mental balance and wellbeing and protects him from the misfortune that life can bring. According to astrology, a cat’s eye emerald is ideal for people suffering from Rahu-Ketu.


  • It Helps Bring Luck: Chrysoberyl, or cat’s eye stone, is believed to bring luck, especially for individuals, who are involved in the business of speculation, gambling, share trading, etc. It is a favored gemstone for adventurers and risk-takers.

  • A Powerful Stress Buster: The beautiful gemstone can help relieve mental imbalances and provide relief from stress and anxiety. It allows the wearer to ward-off negativity and unhealthy desires, which are the primary causes of depression in a person.

  • Physical Healing: The cat’s eye emerald can help improve physical health and regain wellbeing that has been lost by disease, poor lifestyle, abuse, depression, etc. It is also known to have healing powers against cancer. The gemstone can also cure the conditions of anorexia or loss of appetite.

  • Psychic Protection: Wearing the gemstone as a lucky charm can help protect your life from the effects of evil.

  • Brings Wealth and Prosperity: The cat’s eye gem is believed to bring wealth and prosperity in life. It also helps regain lost wealth or revive a closed business.

  • Improves Memory: It is believed to offer an enhanced vision to the wearer, improving memory power and awareness.

  • Eliminate Ketu Dasha: According to astrology, the Ketu Dasha is one of the longest-remaining and worst ill effects of all that can last for 18 years. Wearing this stone can help nullify the evil effects of this planet.

  • Gifts Creativity and Intellect: Cat’s eye emerald gifts its wearer with wit, intelligence, creativity, and quick learning abilities.


Stone Description: 

Cat's Eye Stones Cat's Eye Stones, also known as "Cymophane," are revered for their unique optical effects resembling the gleaming eye of a cat. These stones are sourced from nature, and their mesmerizing appearance is believed to hold protective and grounding energies, shielding the wearer from negative influences and promoting a sense of calm and serenity.


Animal Spirit: Fox

Protection of the Fox Animal Spirit: The Fox animal spirit is associated with cunning wisdom and keen intuition. Wearing the Fox charm on your bracelet is believed to offer protection by enhancing your ability to make astute decisions and navigate through life's challenges with cleverness and wit. The Fox's energy may also act as a shield against deception and dishonesty, enabling you to see through illusions and protect your interests.


Animal Spirit: Cat

Protection of the Cat Animal Spirit: The Cat animal spirit symbolizes independence, agility, and mystery. Incorporating the Cat charm into your bracelet invites the spirit of protection by empowering you with self-reliance and heightened intuition. Cats are known for their ability to sense danger and swiftly react, making this charm an ally in safeguarding you from harm and negative energies. Furthermore, the Cat spirit promotes gracefulness and adaptability, aiding you in overcoming obstacles with poise.


Symbol: Moon

Protection of the Moon Symbol: The Moon has long been revered as a symbol of cyclical change and emotional balance. Including the Moon symbol in your bracelet offers protection by aligning you with the natural rhythms of life and enhancing your connection to the feminine energies of intuition and nurturing. The Moon's soothing presence serves as a shield against emotional turbulence, providing a sense of inner peace and stability during times of uncertainty.


Choose the animal spirit or symbol that resonates most with your needs, or combine multiple bracelets to amplify the protective energies. Embrace the elegance and powerful protection of the Lucky White Cat's Eye Stones Beaded Bracelets, and let these enchanting accessories guide you on your spiritual journey.

Lucky White Cat's Eye Stones Beaded Bracelets

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