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Natural Stone Beads Bracelets


  • Stone: Love Rose Quarts, Abundance Black Tourmaline, Confidence Green Quartz
  • Metal Type : Zinc Alloy 
  • Material: Metal
  • Chain Type : Beaded Bracelet
  • Clasp Type : LOBSTER


Love. Abundance, Confidence Stone Bead Bracelet T is made of 3 types of stones and the power of these varies. Below are the benefits of these.



Bringing many benefits to all those who love and wear Turquoise Howlite, this special crystal feels the most at home when enticing you to let your true voice flow. 


It’s a stone that brings good luck, heals old wounds, and generally weaves more life-affirming fortune into your world.


Here are a few more benefits of bringing the calm essence of blue into your life. Being a Throat Chakra stone, Turquoise helps to heal all issues in that area.


If you have a sore throat, respiratory issues, allergies, migraines, and other physical ailments that run through the ears, nose, throat, and lungs, then Turquoise is ever keen to lend a hand.


This stone is deeply connected to the breath and as it brings a soothing cool water touch, it can help the breath and lungs find a deeper flow meaning that everything from bronchial issues to panic attacks is well and truly kept at bay. 



Along with working wonders when it comes to soulful healing, Rose Quartz boasts beautiful healing properties for the body too. 


In keeping with its theme of being a heart healer, Rose Quartz can help to prevent thrombosis and heart attacks, improve the circulatory system, and ensure that your heart muscles are as smooth and strong as possible.


There’s a long history of mothers to be turning to the potent power of Rose Quartz throughout their pregnancy.


Rose Quartz is said to help protect the mother and unborn child from problems within pregnancy thanks to its deep feminine energy. 


For new mothers, Rose Quartz is a kindly stone to have close by as it is said to help curate unbreakable bonds and lets the love energy flow like a fountain.


Overall, Turquoise works best as a strengthening stone and is full of anti-inflammatory properties which can help rheumatism and other issues. 


This stone is all about upping your immune system, helping you to soak up those nutrients, clearing acidic anxiety out to solve mood swings, and totally rebalancing your physical body and soul so that you feel fresh, cleansed, and clear-headed in this muddy world.



Green Jade is believed to boost the functions of the heart, kidneys, as well as nervous and immune systems. 


This stone can also protect the thyroid, thymus, spleen, larynx, liver, and kidneys. Green Jade is recognized as a symbol of virtue and love. It eases the mind and invites harmony and peace.


Green Jade is believed to have protective properties that can ward off evil while traveling. It’s also known to promote wisdom and promise a good and long life.


Green Jade is a very ancient stone that’s approximately 570 million years old. Its value only increases as time passes.


Green Jade is the most admired gemstone by the Chinese. They consider it a symbol of the five virtues, which are modesty, courage, justice, wisdom, and compassion.

Love. Abundance, Confidence Stone Beads Bracelets

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