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Strawberry Quartz 14k Gold Beads Bracelet


  • Brand Name: Genamoon
  • Bracelets Type: Charm Bracelets
  • Metals Type: 14k Gold Filled
  • Gender: Women
  • Main Stone: 100% Genuine Natural Strawberry Quartz & Moonstone Star


The Strawberry Quartz 14k Gold Bead Bracelet is made of Strawberry Quartz, Moonstone Star, and rose quartz stones. These stones make this bracelet even more beautiful. These stones have different functions and benefits. Below are the benefits of these stones.




  • Gives its keeper the power to move on from traumatic memories.

  • Enables its keeper to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Can help strengthen the bond between a mother and child.

  • Stabilizes moods.

  • Helps to bring chaotic relationships with family members, or close friends to peace and harmony.

  • Said to be beneficial for those struggling with depression.

  • Known to calm those going through panic attacks.

  • Promotes a generally healthy lifestyle.

  • Said to strengthen the growth of an unborn child, is also known to promote good health in pregnant women.

  • Known to greatly improve relationships.

  • Said to be beneficial for those who are going through a break-up, or those who have recently lost a loved one.

  • Great for singles! If you're on the quest to find love; set your intention on this crystal and watch the magic unfold!


  • Can’t stop thinking of past relationships? Afraid to get hurt? Scared of taking the next step? Keep this crystal near to help let go of unnecessary insecurities.

  • Great for those who are starting on their spiritual journey; it will amplify your psychic gifts and ensure you are surrounded by love when you are practicing your gifts.

  • Traditionally used to help astral traveling.




Delight in the divine feminine, find your good fortune, and say yes to deeper levels of crystal healing with the powers of the Moonstone. 


This kaleidoscopic crystal loves to bring light into your life, and just like the cosmic rock that hangs in our sky, the Moonstone is connected to all our emotions, the turns of the tide, the light, and the dark, and the depths of our own soul. 


The healing powers of the Moonstone cross from the spiritual to the physical, take a look at all the ways this pearly stone can bring back balance.


If you’ve ever felt like you were losing your mind on a full moon, then this is just a hint as to how much the Moon affects our emotional balance. The Moonstone is here to shine a light through the darkness and to elevate all those feelings. 


When you take a symbol of the moon and keep it on your person or in your life, it will intuitively link you to the universe and can bring all those wild hormones into check, ensuring that you are moving in flow with the world outside your window. 


The Moonstone is also known as the stone of new beginnings. Everything passes, everything changes and the Moonstone reminds you how important it is to embrace the cyclical nature of the seasons and not to fear the turning of the page and the potential of new chapters. 


Rather than sink into overwhelm, the Moonstone helps you to process and accept through the harmony of its natural healing powers.


Moonstone is a magical gem to bring into your life. For those who crave a little more goddess energy, who want to stay tuned to the bigger picture, and who may need a little extra help when it comes to embracing positive energy around change, the Moonstone could be just the gem to bring radiant light that cuts through the darkness.




Rose quartz, also known as pink quartz, is a potent tool used to improve the relationship you have with yourself and others. 


As it’s associated with the heart chakra, the healing stone has been used to help with nurturing emotional wounds back into health and fostering self-love. In this respect, it’s a more specialized stone than the other crystals. 


Rose quartz is also commonly drawn on to help with processing grief and other emotional hardships. Whenever it comes to an issue with the heart, the pink stone is always there to lend a helping hand.


Self-criticism and awareness can be a healthy and essential tool for self-improvement but it can quickly become an excessive and chronic habit loop that gets in the way of objectively viewing your world and circumstances. 


One of the primary properties of rose quartz is its ability to build confidence through illuminating your strengths and capabilities while putting your perceived faults into context. 


With practice and consistent use, this often leads to an unclouded view of yourself which is significantly more constructive and healthier in the long run.


Dealing with emotional trauma or hardship is an experience that we all face throughout life. It comes in countless forms and intensities which often require different approaches to effectively heal. 


Rose quartz can be an excellent sidekick in this process acting as an emotional cushion to help soften the severity of an experience and help you build strength to work through the situation.

Strawberry Quartz 14k Gold Beads Bracelet

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