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  • Brand Name: Genamoon
  • Shape\pattern: Oval
  • Material: Silver
  • Material Ring: 925,Sterling
  • Gender: Women



our enchanting Natural Moonstone Silver 925 Ring, available in various captivating styles to suit every woman's taste. This exquisite piece showcases an elegant oval-shaped Moonstone, set in a high-quality 925 Sterling Silver ring band, combining timeless beauty with meaningful symbolism.


The Moonstone, known for its ethereal glow and captivating play of light, has been revered for centuries as a stone of feminine energy and intuition. As you wear this ring, you'll feel a deep connection to the moon's mystical energy, fostering emotional balance and enhancing your innate intuition.


Crafted with the utmost care, the ring band is made of 925 Sterling Silver, renowned for its durability, lustrous shine, and hypoallergenic properties. The high purity of silver ensures that this piece will stand the test of time, becoming a cherished heirloom to pass down through generations.


The oval shape of the Moonstone adds a touch of elegance to the design, accentuating its enchanting allure. Its captivating iridescence, reminiscent of moonlight dancing on water, will draw compliments and attention wherever you go, making it a perfect statement piece for any occasion.


This Natural Moonstone Silver 925 Ring is designed with women in mind, celebrating their strength, grace, and innate intuition. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a special woman in your life, this ring is a timeless gift that speaks volumes about the wearer's unique style and connection to nature's beauty.


Embrace the magical essence of the moon with this captivating Moonstone ring, a symbol of feminine energy, intuition, and emotional harmony. Elevate your jewelry collection with this stunning piece, exuding elegance and grace with every wear.



Wearing the Natural Moonstone Silver 925 Ring can bring a range of benefits, both on a physical and emotional level. Here are some of the advantages of adorning this enchanting piece:

  • Emotional Balance: Moonstone is known for its calming and soothing properties. Wearing the ring can help balance emotions, reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and emotional instability. It promotes a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

  • Intuition and Insight: Moonstone is associated with enhancing intuition and promoting insightfulness. When wearing this ring, you may find that your inner guidance becomes clearer, helping you make better decisions and navigate life's challenges with greater wisdom.

  • Feminine Energy: Moonstone has long been revered as a stone of feminine energy. It is believed to resonate with the cycles of the moon and the ebb and flow of emotions. By wearing this ring, women may feel more in tune with their natural rhythms and empowered by their feminine qualities.

  • Enhancing Creativity: Moonstone is said to stimulate creativity and imagination. Wearing the ring may help artists, writers, and creative minds tap into their creative potential and find inspiration for their work.

  • Hormonal Balance: In some traditional beliefs, Moonstone is associated with supporting hormonal balance and reproductive health. It is thought to aid in alleviating menstrual discomfort and promoting fertility.

  • Protection and Cleansing: Moonstone is considered a protective stone, warding off negative energies and promoting a sense of security. It is believed to absorb negative emotions and energies, providing a sense of cleansing and renewal.

  • Self-Expression and Confidence: The unique and beautiful design of the ring can serve as a statement piece, boosting self-expression and confidence. Wearing it may give you a sense of empowerment and self-assurance.

  • Connection to the Moon and Nature: Moonstone is deeply connected to the energy of the moon and the natural world. Wearing this ring can foster a deeper connection to nature, reminding you of the beauty and magic that surrounds us.

  • Versatility and Style: The various styles of the Natural Moonstone Silver 925 Ring make it a versatile accessory that complements any outfit. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to both casual and formal ensembles.


wearing the Natural Moonstone Silver 925 Ring goes beyond merely accessorizing. It offers a beautiful and meaningful connection to the moon's energies, promoting emotional well-being, intuition, and empowerment. Embrace the enchanting benefits of this timeless piece and let its radiant energy enhance your life's journey.

Natural Moonstone Silver 925 Various Styles

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