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Men's Stress Release Stainless Steel Ring


  • Men's Jewelry
  • Purpose: Rune Patterns are considered the most potent armors able to bring happiness, success, victory & protection.
  • Brand Name: Genamoon
  • Metals Type: Stainless steel
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Metal
  • Surface Width: 8mm


Men's Stress Release Stainless Steel Ring Quiet and Unnoticeable It is subtle and quiet, which you can always have. Most people don’t notice it, it looks like a normal ring. 


Perfect for fidgeting while in class or professional situations. The spinning is quiet unless you flick the ring hard with your thumb if you're rotating it with small motions it shouldn't bother anyone.


Men's Stress Release Stainless Steel Rings are beautifully engraved with Chinese characters. The letters engraved on this ring are not ordinary letters. 


Each of these letters carries a symbol of peace. The symbols of this ring are called runes. Below are the meanings of these symbols and their benefits. The word Rune means secret wisdom or mystery. 


The runic alphabet is comprised of a 24 rune sequence, like the alphabet, that is known as the futhark. Other times, only specific runes were chosen, as if to bring about desired qualities, such as strength, wealth, and protection.


F - Fehu (Fé): is a strong symbol of wealth and prosperity, a source of food, stability, security, and growth. The rune itself looks quite a lot like a pair of horns or antlers, maybe signifying defense, aggression, strength. It is associated with fire, prosperity, and survival.


E - Eh (Eihwaz) – marriage, eternity. The shape of this rune suggests two people holding hands, and tends to signify a strong partnership, friendship, or love.


U - Uruz (Úr): the aurox, or wild ox. This now-extinct animal exists now only in stories but played a part in many legends. The rune shape itself suggests the shape of the animal, with its massive shoulders, and it is usually seen as a symbol of strength, power, and primal force.


Th – Thorn (Thurs/Thuris): the thorn. This rune is closely linked with the god Thor and his hammer. We can see the shape of the hammer in the rune, as well as the idea of a protective thorn hedge, a defense against enemies (in legend, Thor was the gods’ main defense against the frost-giants). It is therefore a strong rune, both dangerous to its enemies and comfort to its friends.


Oe/Ae – Ós (Ask, Ansuz): the Ash. Its root can be seen in the word Aesir, the name given to the main family of Norse gods, and its meaning is linked to the World Ash, Yggdradsil, the tree that supports the Nine Worlds. So it signifies divine inspiration; magic; the connection between heaven and earth.


R - Rad (Raido): a journey, a cycle. (Rad means wheel in German, and path in Old English). A complex rune, implying, not just travel, but a quest for enlightenment.


G – Gyfu (Gebo): a gift. The name refers to both giving of oneself and receiving. Love, generosity, openness. A partnership.


W - Wýn (Wynne, Wen): joy, bliss, love, (sexual) pleasure. A rune associated with the Freyja, the goddess of love (a counterpart of Venus).


H - Hagall (Hagalaz, Haal): hail. This rune is often seen as a symbol of protection from damage and destruction, such as hail, spring crop destroyers. In Icelandic and Scandinavian culture, this is a powerful and familiar figure.


N - Nyd (Naudiz, Naudr): need, hardship, compulsion. This complex rune contains the idea of binding and constraint, and its shape reflects that of a knot in a piece of string.


G - Ger (Ar, Jera): grain, harvest, a garden, fruit. A rune related to the autumn, the season of harvesting and plenty, and to the earth-goddess Gerda, first wife of Odin.


L - Laguz (Logr): water, the ocean, a lake. This rune may symbolize birth, depth, feelings, floating, dreaming, danger, healing, reflection.


D – Daeg (Dag, Dagaz): day. The shape of this rune looks to be based on the double ax-head, or thunderbolt. It is a solar rune, symbolizing power, strength, and light.


Oe – Ethel (Othila): an obscure rune, which may mean homeland or inheritance, the place where each individual soul belongs, the place where each of us comes to rest once our long quest for enlightenment is finally done.

Men's Stress Release Stainless Steel Ring

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