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Men's Magnetic Hematite Choker


  • Function: Magnetic Therapy
  • Material: 100% Genuine Natural Magnetite Lodestone, Magnetic Stone
  • Perimeter: 485MM
  • Weight: About 95.5g


Men's Magnetic Hematite Choker Bracelet Made with Magnetite Loadstone and Magnetic Stone, these two beautiful black stones have many benefits which are given below.




Magnetite Lodestone is magnetic and has powerful positive-negative polarity. It attracts and repels, energizes, and sedates. It acts as a grounding stone. 


Magnetite temporarily aligns the chakras, the subtle and etheric bodies. It aids telepathy, meditation, and visualization. Magnetite provides stability, balancing the intellect with emotions. 


It brings a balanced perspective and trust in your own intuition. Magnetite attracts love, commitment, and loyalty. It alleviates negativity such as fear, anger, and grief. Brings positive qualities such as tenacity and endurance.


Magnetite is anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle aches and pains, and is beneficial for asthma, blood, the circulatory system, skin, and hair. 


It stimulates sluggish organs and sedates overactive ones. Magnetite provides the healing energy necessary for recovery.


It will work with you to attract all that you most desire, including people, things, situations, opportunities, and the like.


It’s a naturally magnetic stone that has an extraordinary capacity to balance the hemispheres in your brain. It’s a stone that will help you bring whatever you want most into your life.


Its magnetic attributes make it a very potent and spiritual grounding stone as well. Lodestone’s vibrations will invite experiences and opportunities in your present situation that are necessary for you to go through.


LODESTONE: Lodestone has a very strong vibration, and you will find that the vibrations are very effective when it comes to balancing your aura. It’s a powerful stone that will bring the meridians and chakras into alignment.


When you want to harness the energies of this stone for personal healing, it’s best to hold a piece of Lodestone in each hand so that you will amplify its healing energies.


Lodestone will guide you in developing your intuition. It will help you in having more confidence in the flow of emotions that come straight from the divine source.


If you suffer from severe PMS, the healing energies of Lodestone can give you great relief. It can also calm your emotions and stabilize your moods during that time of the month.


Lodestone can act as a powerful aid to the body, especially when there are problems with the liver. It can also aid in the treatment of asthma.


This stone is believed to help in the treatment of anemia and other blood-related disorders. It can also help improve circulation.


Using this natural magnetic rock is very beneficial because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can calm the muscles and hasten the healing period after suffering an accident.


It can improve the condition of the hair and the skin, and it can stimulate organs that are starting to become sluggish. It can also have a sedative effect on overactive organs.


It can strengthen the iron in the blood and promote elasticity in the arteries. It can enhance blood flow and remove chronic pains. Lodestone can also give the body energy, endurance, and vitality.

Men's Magnetic Hematite Choker

Color: Black
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