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Sun Moon Hug 18 K Gold Adjustable Ring


  • Metal type: 18 K Gold Plated & Stainless Steel
  • Material: 18 K Gold Plated & Stainless Steel
  • Shape \ pattern: Moon
  • Surface width: 2mm
  • Setting Type: Tine adjustment
  • Size: Adjustable size


Sun Moon Embrace 18K Gold Adjustable Ring This can be a beautiful gift for you or the people around you. And this ring has the symbol of moon and sun which brings good news and hope for us.


This ring shows the sun and the moon holding each other. This shows that there is love between them. And if we use this ring then the love between us will increase.


The way the moon and the sun spread light will enlighten our lives in the same way. The moon and the sun serve as symbols of light in our lives.


So I can say that when we use this ring, there will be some change between us and we will feel honest in everything.


This ring will awaken energy inside us and help us to get rid of all the black days from our lives.


Since the sun is a reflection of growth and light, it's interesting to see this motif mixed together with the moon in different pieces of jewelry. 


The moon is well-known as being a symbol of femininity, new life, and knowledge. In Greek and Roman mythology, the moon was considered to be the sun's opposite, and this rings true today.


If the sun represents yang in Chinese culture, then the moon represents yin. Unlike the bright sun, the moon is a symbol of change and thoughtfulness. 


The sun and moon together are supposed to balance one another out and bring a sense of equilibrium to the world. 


This idea of balance is reflected in today's society and how we often refer to romantic couples as 'yin and yang. It shows that opposites can attract, and actually be beneficial to one another.


Since the sun and moon have been constantly paired together since the beginning of time, it makes sense that their relationship is still pondered upon today. Our fascination with these two celestial symbols is reflected in the necklaces we wear.


A sun and moon necklace usually reflects balance, wisdom, and growth. We can't have one without the other and a necklace with these two motifs reminds us of this fact. 


It also reminds us of our own personal feelings and thoughts, and how we need to ensure we are balanced in all areas of our lives.


There's a lot of meaning that comes from a sun moon necklace. It's important to remember that interpretation is up to the wearer. You can decipher the meaning of your necklace as you see fit.


The Sun Power:

Sun - joy, success, celebration, positivity. This amulet will bring success in your life and one day you will be much bigger with this success. There will be positive aspects to your life.


The sun illuminates the whole world and with the help of this symbol, your life will be enlightened. All sorrow will go away.


The sun is the epitome of optimism and perfection, after that dark night of dawn. As the source of all life on earth, the sun itself represents the source of life. 


The hand under the sun symbolizes perfect control between the conscious and the subconscious. 


The Moon Power:

Portraying the crescent moon with an interwoven pentagram set between its points is a potent symbol of the mystical power of the moon. 


Wear it to help surround yourself with these lunar energies for empowerment, protection, and help in working your ritual crafts.

Sun Moon Hug 18 K Gold Adjustable Ring

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